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The 2015 monthly climbs are closed for the season and will resume in Spring 2016 - thank you to everyone who joined us in the trees in Seward, Camp Long and Volunteer Parks!


Private guided, small and large group climbs are available year round - click HERE or contact Dave for more info!

See what Canopy Climbers is all about - thanks The Planet Magazine!.



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There is no place on earth like the tops of the trees.

Come explore our world - and experience your world from a brand new perspective as you climb hand-over-hand into the the Upper Canopy.


Canopy Climbers offers Seattle's only facilitated recreational tree climbing adventure. We're dedicated to getting your feet off the ground and your head in the clouds.

All Ages and Fitness Levels Welcome

No previous experience necessary - we have plenty!


Our facilitator is:

 - An ISA Certified Arborist #WE-7213A
 - A TCI trained Recreational Tree Climbing Facilitator
 - TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional
 - CPR/First Aid and Wilderness First Responder trained
 - A competitive tree climber
 - Has over a decade of professional climbing experience




International Society of Arboriculture

- Tree Climbers International - Tree Climber's Coalition -

- The Global Organization of Tree Climbers  -

Utility Arborist Association